Project Passion Council

Coming together World Wide a step at a time

Project Passion Council

Project Passion Council ( The Passion Council) is a place where all students are welcome. 
The Passion Council is a group of kids from all over the world coming together and sharing their voices specifically about education. in todays world education has a very strict image. But who says we can not change it? Who says students just like you and me can not have a say about how WE learn. Not the adults, us the students, even though we are small we are mighty. 

When you become apart of Project Passion Council..

When you become apart of the Passion Council your voice will be heard. 

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tell me about yourself and why you would like to be apart of The Passion Council!

I look forward to collaborating with all of you(:

If we never try, we'll never know.
Every time we start a project or a something new we have to take a shot at it. No one says we will succeed, in fact we might fail. Inorder to win we will have to go through many struggles. So I am here to help all. I want you to share your voice, tell me what you think. Education needs to change.

Teachers Teaching Teachers!

Last night at 9 pm I had the opportunity to connect with teachers and a student from around the world. We talked about "Reclaiming the public in public education". It was a wonderful experience to connect with people who have the same thoughts as you.  Below is the live chat discussions;

In Minnesota, charter schools are tuition free independent public schools that  welcome all students not matter ability or need. Check them out!

Think Global School is a school that uses the world as their class room going to 12 countries in 4 years they are a mobile class room, check them out!